Collars vs Harnesses

Collars vs Harnesses

collar verses harness

Many new dog owners are now using harnesses as opposed to collars now. Those that choose to, agree that harnesses are safer for the dog and give no danger of choking the dog or yanking it too hard. However, many dog owners still use collars as a means of keeping their dog in line and a place to put the dog tags. But which is better? I feel that the harness is more humane, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the collar is all that bad. Your thoughts?


  1. joede January 23, 2007 at 1:56 pm

    Different harnesses exists for different applications. The harness can be used for older dogs or dogs that escape the traditional strap collars. Can also double as a seat belt in the car. Tags can be added to any loop. Most likely, your pet is microchiped.
    Is the harness more humane? Depends on the dog. If you have a dog that pulls and can’t breath, hacks alot and is extremely excited, then a harness is better. However the dog harness is very uncomfortable. You might want a halti which straps over the nose.
    A properly trained dog will enjoy a loose collar.

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