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Table Scraps

Those puppy dog eyes gaze into yours, pleading for just a bit of food.  You look at your plate, look at your dog, and then back at your plate.  Do you feed him your food? While each of us takes care of our dogs differently, we need to be aware of what foods can harm [...]

Dog Food Recall Update

From what I gather, Cornell University and the FDA are performing studies on the cause of the poisoning. At first, it was believed that rat poison accidentally contaminated the wheat gluten. After dissecting cats and dogs that have died from eating the contaminated food, the hypothesis is melamine, a substance used in plastics production that [...]

Major Dog Food Recall Action

New sources say that deaths and sickness in dogs and cats is directly due to a rat poison. How did it get there? Follow the Menu Foods class action law suit to find out.  If your dog is lethargic, acting abnormal or vomiting and has eaten any of the foods recalled, go directly to your vet ASAP. Diagnoses early is key [...]

Major Dog Food Recall

On March 16th, 2007, Menu Foods recalled several dog food products of which brands include: Eukanba Iams Nutro Nutro Natural Choice Nutro Ultra Nutro Max Nutriplan Best Choice Pet Essentials and many more. It is advised that you check with this web site: www.menufoods.com/recall/product_dog.html Certain production runs are affected. Rumors state that contaminated wheat gluten may be the culprit. [...]

Dog Treats

While we all enjoy treating our dogs to a nice dog cookie or some human food once in a while, is it really all that good for them? For example, it is well known that dogs are allergic to chocolate and therefore as dog owners we avoid giving them chocolate, or leaving chocolate in a [...]

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