Boy With Down Syndrome Comforted By Dog



Many service dogs have given the disabled a new found life. By helping in their daily routines, they offer wonderful stress relief, great companion and unconditional love.  And their job doesn’t stop there. A new YouTube post of a Dog and a Down Syndrome child has brought tears to most of us. Himalaya, a Yellow Lab, tries desperately in the video to encourage her little buddy to engage in play. But the child shy’s away from physical contact. Throughout the video the dog never gives up by gently pawing at the child, mouthing his shirt, rolling on his back, gently sitting up and putting his paw on the child’s shoulder. Himalaya is relentless and never gives up on her little companion, and at one point it looks like the child gives in and gives the dog a partial hug.

Dogs with jobs are happier animals as they give back, we can learn a lot from our furry friends. Pass this on and cheer someone up.


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