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Golden Retriever dog bed - Labrador Retriever Dog Bed

50-100+Ib Capacity

Features At A Glance

• Industrial strength Canvas
• Premium grade "virgin high memory" upholstery fiber
• Plush removable / reversible cushion
• Removable covers - Easy Velcro system
• Durable polypropylene liner - Antibacterial
• 100% machine washable / dryable
• Anti odor Scotchgard TM fabric protector
• Stain resistant - Mildew resistant - Water repellent
• Soft and moldable - Superior comfort - Orthopedic
• Excellent for Ailments
• Easily transportable
• Matches any decor
• Made In America

Mammoth Golden and Labrador Dog Bed Description

This dog bed was designed for the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever.  Retrievers under one hundred pounds enjoy the large 40" bolster bed which provides enough room to curl and nest. Larger retrievers near and over one hundred pounds or especially labs cause we know they love to eat, will enjoy the extra large donut 50". We recommend the orthopedic memory foam for labs and Goldens who are greater then five to six years of age. Especially if hip dysplasia, hot spots and callous of the elbow skin develops.

Mammoth beds are durable and mold to your dog's body. Composed of a removable inner pillow for travel, and a cozy ring for support. The covers remove easily with a trouble free Velcro seal, located on both the pillow and outer ring. The engineered filling is made from a non-clumping, hypo- allergenic, high memory virgin industrial fiber fill, which offers orthopedic and long-lasting qualities. 

The entire bed is completely washable and the high memory upholstery fiber fill bounces back after every use.

Labrador retriever dog bedMammoth stands one foot of the ground. Now that's a dog bed!

Choose from an industrial strength upholstery canvas, which are a polyester/cotton construction. The upholstery grade material is made to withstand the daily wear and tear of your dog, and looks better with every wash. Only the highest quality thread is used to create a professional double serge for added strength. Don't settle for less. When it comes to superior quality, no other bed compares.

Mammoth offers superior quality, luxury dog beds at a great price.Golden Retreiver Dog Bed

We guarantee you will want a second.

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Mammoth Golden and Labrador Dog Bed
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Origin Of Labrador Retrievers

Labs belong to the AKC Sporting Group. Thought to have originated in Newfoundland and off the coast of Greenland, the Labrador was used by fisherman to retrieve and drag ends of fishing nets in to the shore. Employed for retrieving game and held in high regard as a guide dog and sniffer dog detecting drugs, and explosives, this is an excellent water dog. It has a distinctive short, dense coat, hard to the touch and with a water-resistant undercoat.

Origin Of Golden Retrievers

During the nineteenth century, a yellow Wavy-coated Retriever was mated to a Tweed Water Spaniel and from this union came four yellow puppies, acknowledged as the ancestors of all Golden Retrievers. It was a Lord Tweedmouth who introduced Goldens as a definite breed, one which is used to retrieve game in the shooting field but is adaptable to many different roles including guide dog work, drug and explosive detection, tracking, and obedience. The Golden Retriever has become one of the most popular breeds for families as they are gentle, tame, playful and very loyal.